My Family

God has given me a great family. Me and my wife Lee-Ann got married on 1 October 2005. We have 3 children. Monique (2006) Anzelle (2009) and Reuben (2011).
Everyday is a day where I can see God teaching us and showing us the way to go. It isn’t always easy, but our God is faithful and He has cared us through every step of the way.


I am the Executive Pastor at Lig & Lewe Sentrum ( God is good to us and we are exited of what God is doing in our church family.

My wife is working with me in ministry and she is such a blessing and life is dull without her. I thank God everyday for this woman on my side. Her support and love is what keeps me going.

 Our kids are energetic and full of life. Each one of them has a different personality and that is so cool to see how we as people differ.

I love my family very much and we are a team in that what God wants us to do.

My moto in life is: “To change my life, I have to change my models”.


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